“If literally every action a human can perform  was an Olympic sport,” asked its users, “which events would you win medals in?” A man named Hajimotto said his champion-level skill was daydreaming. “I can zone out and fantasize for hours at a time,” he testified. “This is helpful when I am waiting in line.” You Virgos are not typically Olympic-class daydreamers, but I encourage you to increase your skills in the coming weeks. It’ll be a favorable time for your imagination to run wild and free. How exuberantly can you fantasize? Find out!



to a friend who said,
You talk about Now
More often in your writings
but Now passes quickly even before
you finish a poem —– and it is not
now any more.
What do you say to this?

Now is not time
It is aliveness.
It is eternity.
It is the ocean
of ever-unfolding music.
So many things come and go
emotions come and go
pain comes and goes
pleasure comes and goes
thoughts come and go.
In fact Now is the only
gift that never passes,
the only thing that is real,
eternal generosity
of life itself.

inspired by Guthema Roba




The dream of my life
is to lie down by a slow river
And stare at the light in the trees…
to learn something by being nothing a little while
but the rich lens of attention.

Mary Oliver